New Book Feature: Adithi Rao

Good luck with your book Adithi 😉 x


I am pleased to be able to feature a new book of short stories. ‘Left From The Nameless Shop’ is a collection by Indian author, Adithi Rao, a fellow contributor to Longshot Island Magazine.

This is what Adithi tells us about herself.

After a BA in Theater from Smith College, MA, USA, I returned to India to work as an assistant director on the award-winning Hindi cult film Satya. Shakuntala and Other Timeless Tales of Ancient India and Growing Up in Pandupur (co-authored with my sister, Chatura) are my books for children. My stories have been published across anthology collections by various publishing houses, and in English school text books across India.

The rights to my film script Baraf were bought by Aamir Khan Productions Ltd. My short fiction for adults appear in the American literary journal Longshot Island. ‘Left from the Nameless Shop’ (HarperCollins 2018) is my first collection…

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