How Writing is a Journey

More well chosen thoughts from Justin…

The Champagne Epicurean

Writing is about writers and readers going on a journey together. The journey is beautiful in and of itself. And there might not be an end. But what’s important is the reason why we’re journeying together. We’re on a journey to unravel our own individual purpose in life.

Literature has replaced religion. It is a natural consequence of the Enlightenment. In the past religion dictated to people a uniform purpose. Your purpose is to serve God, to die for Him, to reach the kingdom of heaven, to follow Jesus or spread the word of the Prophet.

Purpose in a religious sense is fascistic. It expects human beings, who are as different as continents, to live their lives in divine uniform. It cannot happen and should not happen.

Literature is a humbler pursuit. Fiction tells readers: we don’t know a god-damn thing, so let’s go out on a journey and see…

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