As Long as She’s Butterfly

…love this story. 🙂

The Champagne Epicurean

The waves of the sea faded into night outside the window. They were the colour of ash and as lazy as the dying spring.

Night fell and stars cascaded like fire. Alicia looked out of her window and wondered if anything, any star, any wave, any boat on the horizon was different from last night.

Last night her parents weren’t getting divorced.

But no, everything was the same. Nature was as selfishly beautiful as always. On her bedroom wall hung a frame with four butterflies of different sizes. The butterflies were petrified like rainbows in little children’s drawings. Alicia and her father had caught those butterflies together.

Was he having an affair even then, she wondered?

Without uttering a word, Alicia conversed with her feelings.

You’ll be quiet. You’ll shut up. You won’t feel a God-damn thing. Be like the waves and the stars and those frozen butterflies. Don’t show…

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