Free your Bird|پرنده خود را آزاد کنید

Another tale from Laleh 😉 x

A Voice from Iran


There once was a little boy who had the cutest little bird. That beautiful bird was dear to his heart so he took care of it with passion and love.


He kept the bird’s cage beside him even when he went to bed. Everyone in the family knew how much this bird meant to him. He was the youngest child so the little boy’s siblings took advantage of him and made him do all their chores.


If he refused to do it, they threatened to free his bird into the sky. Poor little boy had to do all their work and not tell his parents, just to keep his bird safe in its cage.


As time passed, the little boy grew tired of his siblings’ abusive behaviors and no longer wanted to be their slave, so he decided to put an end to the torture.


One morning his older brother…

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