Risky Business

Persimmons – Taste too early and you’ll come away with a mouth full of tannin!!!


It was a good thing parents never knew the risky things their offspring did growing up. Why did kids do such things? Because kids were kids. Part of being a kid was being impulsive.  The rest, because of peer pressure.

Bicycles ridden across a frozen pond. Sled-riding down a hill and across the same pond. The sled picked up speed on the ice. No thought given to breaking through the ice.

Wild persimmon trees grew everywhere. Ripe persimmons were sweet. Green ones were sour, bitter, and puckered your mouth.  The unsuspecting, double-dog dared to taste, just one.

Green persimmons were instruments of torture, when in the hands of upper classmen.  Why had God made such terrible tasting fruit?  Why were older kids so mean?

Hazing of incoming freshmen wasn’t discouraged, when perhaps it should have been.  Later in college, hazing, once again reared its ugly head.  Pushing pennies with noses…

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