Writing – Passion or Obsession?

Here’s another oldy but goody from this blog’s archive…

Have We Had Help?


If you are a writer, what we do becomes one of two things, either a passion or an obsession. Some new writers simply can’t, or won’t, take the time to pace themselves. It appears that they are driven by an impossible dream – to become famous at any cost!

As we progress, we all learn our craft. We all make mistakes along the way, and hopefully, we learn from them. With some of the obsessives, they either don’t care, or they ignore all of their mistakes and errors in their quest for fame and fortune. All that matters to them is quantity, not quality.

Because of the obsessive’s attitude towards writing, no matter that we are either conventional or Indie writers, we are all lumped in with them when it comes to the increasing amount of criticism we all encounter each time we produce a book for publication. It doesn’t…

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