Hey Moron – to err is human, to forgive, divine!!!

Encounter with a smug idiot…

Have We Had Help?


A couple of days ago a person who took the cowards way out by using a nom de plume when commenting on a particular blog post of mine, seemed to take great delight in pointing out the fact that I had made one spelling mistake. As it turns out I hadn’t…

At the time I thought big deal – take me outside and shoot me! So I missed one while I was editing the post, so what?

When I accused him of being pedantory in the particular blog post’s comments, he was quick to deny that he is a pedant, by saying that “Not pedantic at all. You mentioned you revised this post dozens of times yet the misspelled word is early in the post. I felt bad for you since we, as editors, have all been there. It is hard to proofread your own work. This example points out…

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