When it comes to eBooks, who owns what?

Did you know????

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Guess what folks? All of those eBooks sitting on your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone don’t actually belong to you! All you own is your eReader…

You should have got the hint when Amazon came up with the whole return an eBook thing. Yes I totally agree with you it is a complete nonsense. How can you return what in effect is nothing more than an electronic file full of 0’s and 1’s?

But here’s the real kicker, the books we all thought we had bought and paid for don’t actually belong to us. Amazon, or whichever other outlet you thought you had purchased your eBook copy from, retains ownership. Not even the authors of the eBooks can claim the right of ownership, even though without them the book would not exist! The only claim the author has on any eBook is its copyright, providing he or she is an…

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