Warning: This Could Get Messy

This brought back memories for me…


Some of the most delightful foods can be messy to consume. Maybe that’s why it’s best to eat them alone, or with friends.

What brought on this discussion? Last night, for Cinco de Mayo, my spouse, and myself visited a local Mexican restaurant. I selected pork carnitas, which were delicious, but somewhat messy.

A few more messy examples–corn on the cob, fresh, juicy peaches, ripe, luscious tomatoes, straight from the garden, barbecued spare ribs,  and crab legs.

Also, fresh caught blue crabs–the kind that are steamed, cracked open with wooden mallets to get at meaty morsels inside.  No wonder diners are given bibs.

Maybe that’s why the best things are worth working for. In the case of delectable dining delights, the messier, the more delicious.

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