New elections in store

It’s not just England and Wales that want out of the EU…

Letters from Athens

Greek Prime Minister AlexisTsipras suffered a severe defeat in the European Parliament elections last Sunday, his party Syriza trailing the opposition New Democracy party by about ten points.

Syriza stormed the Greek political scene on an anti-austerity platform six years ago, then suffered a backlash after imposing cut-backs as part of a third bailout in 2015. This month the government introduced more than one billion worth of handouts in the form of tax cuts and pension payouts, unwinding some of the austerity measures—but it proved to be too late in the day, although the handouts may have averted an even steeper defeat.
Let us not forget that Greece lost a quarter of its economic output during an eight-year depression, which economists record as the worst contraction of any developed economy since World War II. Unemployment peaked at 28 percent in 2013 and remains at 19 percent.

Prime minister Alexis…

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2 thoughts on “New elections in store

  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Jack. When I think that people have lost their lives for the right to vote, it’s so depressing nowadays when you have to force yourself to go and there’s nobody you like…

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Todays politicians are only in power thanks to the rich, not because the country voted for them. My dad used to say that whenever a politician opens his mouth – he’s lying!


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