Up and Running!!!

This is how my bitter sweet love story Cataclysm began…

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Just to let you know that thanks to your support and kind comments on my post Got a Minute the other day, I have finally made a start on my next novel, or novella, depending on how many words it ends up at. For now I’m using the working title – Targets Rewriting history in the twenty-first century, until something better occurs to me.

As many of you who read my blog will know, it simply started out as a series of four short stories involving my character Dr Gilbert Briggs and his team of technicians and field observers at the UK Advanced Science Institute based in Norwich in the county of Norfolk, and Briggs’ breakthrough when he took a science fiction concept (time travel) and made it reality when he concieved and constructed the Teleportation Gate; merely as an exercise to see if the idea was worthy of…

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Just keep knocking

Just keep knocking

More from Jim…

writers co-op

 – by Jim Webster

Have you noticed how there are people who never get the attention they deserve? Obviously it can work both ways. I know one or two people who really ought to come to the attention of the hangman, or perhaps that of a philanthropic assassin wishing to square his account with society. But there are also perfectly decent people who get overlooked or even ignored, often from the paltriest of reasons.

Take Morn Willit. A young man, handsome enough, intelligent, courteous and kind. Not only that but he had prospects. There again, there were unfortunate disadvantages as well. Firstly he was painfully shy. So shy that his two sisters feared he’d never pluck up the courage to speak to an eligible young lady, never mind ask her out to dine with him. Secondly he walked with a pronounced limp, from the time when a Partannese mace had…

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Are you writing a book?

You there, pay attention!!!

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Liz-S-Writing-Workshop-101Over the past couple of months on several Internet sites for writers, I’ve read many questions and queries plus suggestions and comments regarding the use of correct grammar and speech.

The academically minded among us, plus the vast majority of editors still cling desperately to the fervent belief that a book sans correct grammar will inevitably never make it. While that may be true for books of a historical, biographical or academic nature i.e text books, when it comes to fiction the real key is whether or not the writer can actually tell a story, not if he or she adheres to the accepted rules of English.

When your characters speak, by insisting that they do it correctly you will do yourself no favours. In fact these days it almost guarantees that your book will be lucky to sell more than a dozen copies. In essence, the story and the…

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…the writer’s backlist… the gift that keeps on giving…

More from our man in the East…

Seumas Gallacher

…I can speak only for this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler, but sense that hordes of my fellow-authors will agree, that selling even one copy of one title is a source of great satisfaction… to feel that even one single reader has taken time and invested money to indulge my work is such an immense pleasure… over the years since I was first absorbed into the mind-blowing vortex that is the world of writing books, the reading public has blessed and honoured me with more than 100,000 aggregate downloads and sales of my wee literary babies… like many of my contemporary successful writers, I pretend not to pay much attention to my author’s sales pages on Auntie Amazon Kindle, but that would be a blatant lie!… what marvellous repeated surges of excitement they create when sales keep ticking over…

…this week has witnessed a flurry of downloads across all my titl

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Here is another short story of mine…

Here’s one I wrote earlier…

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I wrote this fully intending to include it as a chapter in my novellaCataclysm. In the end I went without it…


Wuffa’s Sword

A month had passed since Dr Gilbert Briggs became the first human ever to travel back in time; in his case, to witness the battle of Hastings. As the new director of the UK Advanced Science Institute based in the city of Norwich, Gilbert had demanded that he be the first. Not for selfish reasons as his detractors within the Institute would have the academic world believe, but merely because he was not prepared to gamble on anyone else’s life. He was the one responsible for designing the Teleportation Gate and the minute homing chip, designed to be inserted beneath the observer’s skin; therefore in his eyes, it was his responsibility to test it.

Many lessons had been learned during that first use of…

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Yeah well, I speak English

More from Webster san…

Jim Webster


One of the problems I have is that I am a native English speaker. I unaffectedly speak the language like a native. This isn’t an entirely good thing. Many years ago I was youth hostelling around the Outer Hebrides and came across a German lad of my own age. In his penultimate school year, he and his parents had discussed the idea of him attending a summer school in England. The idea was that he would both learn English, and ideally learn some geology, because that was one of his interests.

So they looked for summer schools and discovered that Aberystwyth University had something very suitable. Now his mother was no fool. She knew that Aberystwyth (is it wrong that I’m inordinately proud of being able to spell that correctly without having to look it up.) was in Wales. So she phoned them to discuss the matter. The staff could…

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True Friends

Three of the best…

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In this business, to publish and be read guarantees you will attract many insanely jealous enemies within the writing fraternity, as well as being targeted by total dipsticks (I give you the Amazon troll). But at the same time you will also come across some wonderful people. I am proud to number the following three successful writers as true friends of mine. They are:


Bob van Laerhoven (Baudelair’s Revenge and other titles).

559431_10151270730929919_983320028_nRobert Bauval (the Orion Mystery, The Soul of Ancient Egypt, and many more).


Last but by no means least, Derek Haines who is a long time friend and mentor.


Most of you know Derek through his various blog posts which I reblog here from time to time from. He is also a fulltime English teacher in Switzerland.

When it comes to his writing Derek specialises in comedic scifi. Because of his love for the sub-genre, he…

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when a woman decides to forget (For all women battling domestic violence)

when a woman decides to forget (For all women battling domestic violence)

A lovely poem…

The Lonely Author

My long time followers know I am a crusader against domestic abuse. A precious friend finds herself trapped in a relationship of physical/mental abuse. Although her husband will never read my poem, this is for him and all the other losers.

when a woman decides to forget

a white table cloth
stained by unspoken words
lays dead in a frigid kitchen
like a red rose in a morgue of poetry
a barren tree outside the window
extends branches of remorse
for once a fallen leaf has wilted
it can never be reset
some fires can’t be rekindled
there is no going back
when a woman decides to forget

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Writers I Admire – Part 3

Two more writers I have always looked up to…

Have We Had Help?


John Ronald Reuel Tolkien



Arthur Charles Clark

Initially I considered writing separately about the two writers who mean the most to me. Then I thought no, as I place them equal first in my small list of favourite writers.

J.R.R. Tolkien was among other things a brilliant scholar. He was born on the 3rd of January 1892 in Bloemfontein in South Africa. He was a writer, poet, philologist, and Merton professor of English Literature and Language at Merton College, Oxford. He died on the 2nd of September 1973. On his death, his son Christopher began a work of love, sorting out and publishing many of his father’s unfinished works.

Whereas Arthur C. Clark was born on the 16th of December 1917 in Minehead, Somerset, here in England. In his case he was a science fiction writer, science writer, undersea explorer, inventor and television series host. Arthur died on the…

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where the horizon meets the sea

where the horizon meets the sea

Yet another lovely poem…

The Lonely Author

where the horizon meets the sea

let me meander through your hair
watch the sunset on your flesh
explore your limits and frontiers
from the borders of your whisper
to the edges of your dreams
let me claim sovereignty
over all this beauty I see
for together we will discover
my love for you will end
in that infinite place
where the horizon meets the sea


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