It’s head out of backside time for traditional publishing!

Things haven’t changed much since I wrote this…

Have We Had Help?


I don’t know about you, but to my mind within the world of traditional literature, there is an inordinate amount of pretentiousness and snobbery, traits which I cannot abide.  Without exception the gatekeepers employed by the major publishing houses, whose job it is to weed out the dross when it comes to prospective new manuscripts are guilty of both of these thoroughly undesirable failings. There is also a growing number of trolls posing as traditional gatekeepers, lurking in every Social Media site, more often these days in plain sight, waiting to crucify a work once published. Always providing they get a free copy. Not one of them will ever buy a copy!!!

Most within the traditional publishing world would share the chairman of Hatchette, Arnaud Nourry’s contemptuous view that eBooks are stupid. They would also have you believe that all independent writers are by definition – talentless. Nothing could…

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