My Review of Dangerous Obsessions

Remember this?

Have We Had Help?


Tight, taut and shocking, these stories all have warped love as the source of violence. Belgian/Flemish author, Bob Van Laerhoven, winner of the USA Best Book Award 2014 in the category “Mystery/Suspense” and the Hercule Poirot Prize with his controversial novel, Baudelaire’s Revenge, connects the fate of individuals with profound social changes. Van Laerhoven has been a travel writer in conflict-zones from 1990 until 2003 and echos of his experiences trickle through these confronting and thrilling tales, set in civil war-torn Algeria in the fifties, in a gypsy populated Polish concentration-camp during WWII, in a Peruvian border-town where stealing is a deadly art, in Liberia during the civil war in the nineties, and in Belgian Congo during the bloody uproar in the sixties. Omnia vincit amor—Love conquers all—the saying goes. But not our Dangerous Obsessions.


If you enjoyed my post about Bob Van Laerhoven the other day here

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2 thoughts on “My Review of Dangerous Obsessions

  1. Hi Jack, thank you for reblogging your review of “Dangerous Obsessions.” More than four years have passed with lightning speed. Makes me a bit nostalgic. Must be getting old :-). And co-incidence – or is it Fate – has ensured that, precisely on this day, I received the message that the Chinese translation of “Dangerous Obsessions” is on sale now in China. …Thanks again, have a good day…

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