Are Books Better than Tablets for Children?

So long as they’re reading, does it matter???


This is an excellent question as today’s technology is so important to all of us. I read an interesting and informative post, Study: Books May Foster Bonding Better Than Tablets by Linda Carroll that was published in New Hampshire Union Leader on October 1, 2019.

Here are some excerpts from this excellent post: Parents and children both appear more engaged when stories are read from a book, researchers say.

Toddlers appear to be much more engaged with their parents when stories are read to them from books rather than digital tablets, a new study finds.

It may be that when parents and toddlers engage over a tablet, it might be harder for them to have moments of connection, said Dr. Tiffany Munzer, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who led the study.

Tablets don’t seem to promote…

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6 thoughts on “Are Books Better than Tablets for Children?

      • Of course! I was being heavily sarcastic. I totally agree with you: what does it matter as long as it’s being read? I buy e-books because it’s cheaper and easier and I can read them anywhere, anytime, off my phone, my iPad, my laptop; I can email them to myself, and… I don’t have any more room on my shelves for more books… and… I like to think that it’s easier on the trees and it makes no difference with the devices since I’d have to have them whether I read books on them or not… so there!!!

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  1. I’ve been having some seriously quirky WP effects lately and couldn’t leave ‘likes’ anywhere. It worked here this morning – my first response of the day, and it is allowing me to post a comment without asking for additional login – which it didn’t accept – so looks like they fixed something after my long emails to the Happiness Engineers. We shall see. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to test my WP connection, Jack!!!

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