I still don’t get it!

Clicking like is never enough!!!

Have We Had Help?


How can you possibly ‘Like’ a blog post unless you have taken the opportunity to actually read it in the first place. It makes no sense whatsoever! I’ve had totally illogical responses in the past. One stands out. I’m talking about people who think that clicking ‘like’ is good. It is, but it isn’t! All it shows is that you can’t actually be bothered to read the post in question! If you did, I’m betting that you would feel compelled to comment!

We all know that while there are millions who still love to read, the majority who class themselves as writers these days, especially on all forms of Social Media – simply aren’t. Instead they pontificate endlessly on the English language and its use. I would suggest that these people have yet to write a book of their own!

In complete contrast, one or two of us like myself…

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3 thoughts on “I still don’t get it!

  1. I don’t know about anybody else, but liking a Blog is the electronic version of checking in to a place or with the person. It’s sort of like going to a wedding or a funeral and signing the guestbook. It’s just a way of letting people know you were there. I personally read every article that I like. Sometimes I just don’t have much to say.

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