I Don’t Want to be a Millennial

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The Champagne Epicurean

I’m not a vegan. I’m not a vegetarian. I don’t plan on being one. I’m not a political activist. I’m not an environmentalist. I don’t like Greta Thunberg. But I do think the environment is worth protecting. I don’t think we live in end times. I think there are only two genders and he/she/it are the only pronouns I’m comfortable using. I think LGBTQ (did I forget a letter?) rights and #MeToo are overrated and detrimental to the people they are supposed to be (and rightly so) fighting for. And I don’t like Mumford and Sons because they sound like Coldplay. And pulled pork buns are not the best way to enjoy pork.

And what the hell is so great about craft beer?

The main reason I don’t like any of these things is the people who do like these things – call them millennials, hipsters, hippies, the left, whatever…

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