When Dreams Come True

How many took any notice???

Have We Had Help?

I’ve always been extremely uncomfortable with the idea of the European Union since it was first postulated and formed. To me it is nothing more than Adolf Hitler’s insane dream come true.
He wanted a united Europe under German leadership which he named The Thousand Year Reich to control all aspects of Europe, and its country’s populations. While Europe may not be the fascist state he hoped for, if he was still alive he would undoubtedly approve of Germany being the key player when it comes to what is said and done.
With France agreeing with everything Germany says as you would expect of a weak kneed sycophant, while the rest simply tag along behind hoping for crumbs from the negotiation table, not wishing to upset the two most powerful members, Europe is fast becoming a collective of sick states.
Why all politicians support such a warped concept defies all…

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