Montalbano sono!!

Stefania loves Salvo – so do I…



Andrea Camilleri, interviewed by Professor Tullio De Mauro, has recently explained the reason why he chose Sicilian dialect to write the majority of his novels and his well-known series centred on his most famous creature: Il Commissario Montalbano. In his early years he had started writing poems ( the Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo had offered to include them in a Sicilian anthology of poems) and short stories. Short, in fact, whenever he tried to write in Italian, it seemed as if he “ran out of breath”, he said, and couldn’t carry the narration any further.

camilleri1When his father, with whom he had always had a conflicting relationship, was diagnosed of an incurable disease, he decided to spend his last days with him. It was the last occasion to talk, to make things clear, to understand each other, if possible. In one of these daily visits, Camilleri explained…

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6 thoughts on “Montalbano sono!!

  1. I am wondering: have you ever visited Sicily? As, very likely, one of the reasons which had made Montalbano a worldwide success is the Sicilian setting. Quaint villages, the sea, the excellent food are true co-protagonists of both Camilleri’s novels and the Rai series. You wouldn’t believe it, but the passages I mostly enjoy are about food, that is , when Montalbano has lunch at Enzo’s and silently eats . Now that Camilleri has passed away, we are looking forward to reading the posthumous final novel about Montalbano’s fate. As he is very close to retirement, will he remain in Vigata , will he eventually join Livia in Boccadasse or will he be shot dead?
    Thanks for the re-blog again
    P.S. Happy New Year 🍸🍸🍸

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