What book am I working on?


Here’s one of my favourite descriptions of one particular character – Shu :-

She stood ready for battle dressed like her berserkers. Her near naked body was exquisitely painted in henna coloured hieroglyphs and representations of desert flowers, clothed only in a thin white silk loincloth, and a cape of the same fine material thrown over her shoulders, fastened around her neck by a jewelled broach. Her slender back was protected by a circular metal and acacia shield decorated with precious stones inset around the rim and shield boss. A red crystal glowed from the pommel of her sword. The deep blue metal of her double-edged blade was decorated with exquisite engravings of battle scenes close to the hilt. A perfect red crystal in a silver filigree cage suspended by a delicate linked chain of gold around her slender neck, hung between her bare breasts, changing colour in unison with her dark red eyes. Long raven hair flowed across her shoulders occasionally fluttering in the light winds of the desert.


Here’s a clue. It is the one and only Scifi Space Opera I’ve ever written. Soon after being published I fell out with the publisher. So he removed it!

All these years later I have decided to give it another chance to be read by you the readers, under a different title. If he objects – too bad!!!

More later…











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