Triple curve bow, the ultimate weapon in my story



In the story it’s constructed from alternating reversed layers of acacia, rhino horn, and slivers of cattle horn, substituting for ivory, bound with Ibex sinew at regular hand span intervals along each curve, the three sections were finger jointed together and heavily bound at each joint by the strong sinew. The outer-notched tips were carved from the points of Ibex horns. The bowstring was made from plaited hairs, freed by the process of boiling the rhino horn, with loops at each end tightly bound with fine strong goat hair, dipped in rendered goat fat. The centre of the bowstring, which took the most punishment from the notched arrows, was completely encased by a section of ibex windpipe soaked in a boiled mixture of beeswax and linseed oil then heat shrunk by fire.

The arrows were fashioned from carefully fire-straightened finger jointed slivers of acacia, bound with paper thin strips of goat hide along the extent of the shaft, dipped in the beeswax/linseed oil mix and allowed to dry before being fledged with the precious wing feathers Besal had plucked from Jojo’s dead body. The razor sharp barbed arrowheads were carefully shaped from fragments of Nazpa plate from the twisted remains of their shuttle wrecked after molecular charges had destroyed it, and bound securely to the acacia shafts.


More later…


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