From the book I’m working on…


…I give you real evil!

She continued smiling at them as she sang, neither of the children realising  that Banab was stealthily creeping towards them from behind. Banab’s hands clamped over the children’s mouths silencing their screams of terror with a strength Meral had never seen before. His powerful mind invaded theirs, destroying them completely, before he killed them with a quick snap of their tender young necks. Meral was unnerved by Banab’s smile as he fell back into the long grass, contented by his murderous work. Now it was her turn…

Her composure quickly returned as she began her own hunt. Her unfortunate target lay fast asleep on top of a pile of hay in the loft of the community barn. Meral circled the village several times waiting for her opportunity to strike. Her eyes hardened as she concentrated on her mission, banishing everything from her mind except her quarry. The unfortunate youth lay in the warmth of the sun, away from the double doors of the barn loft. Meral began kissing him, while she gently removed his clothing. Then straddling him, she allowed him to undress her. The youth was dumbfounded by his unexpected reward, overcome by Meral’s nubile beauty, as she took him to heights of passion and desire he had never experienced before in his entire life.

When the members of the teenager’s community eventually found him later that evening, his heart had been cut out with his own knife and placed on his stomach partially consumed, inside a bizarre heart shaped design she had drawn with his blood.

More later…


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