The Triple Curses – Internet Trolls, Cheapskates and Giveaways

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No matter whether or not you self or traditionally publish, if you offer free eBooks as part of a book’s promotion, inevitably you leave yourself wide open to attack by idiots, and cheapskates who want something for nothing.

Yesterday I read Charles Yallowitz’ eloquent article These are Not Rules of Fantasy where he pointed out the six totally absurd rules that readers of fantasy have dreamt up regarding what they expect to see in any fantasy tale these days.

Further to what Charles said, (click on the highlighted link above) I would like to add another dimension that we are all subjected to. I give you today’s new breed of reader – the cheapskates who cannot bring themselves to actually buy a copy of any book, prefering to wait until it becomes free, and the ill educated moronic internet trolls who hide behind pseudonyms.

As writers we are all…

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