Seeing is not necessarily believing…

An unforgettable moment…

Have We Had Help?


First written by me on the 14th September 1996

To this day, I still don’t know what we saw all those years ago. I am absolutely positive it was neither man-made. Nor was it by any stretch of the imagination a natural phenomena. Maybe you can tell me what eight normal rational human beings saw that night.

It was back in Hamilton, New Zealand around the end of the summer of 1978. Together with a group of friends, I spent an extremely pleasant evening observing the heavens using the eight-inch Celestron reflecting telescope I had at the time. After about four hours observation we decided to spend some time laying back and seeing how many shooting stars and satellites we could spot for an hour or so.

The night was one out of the box. As anyone who is interested in astronomy will tell you, there are only a…

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Another nicely squared block of stone in the wall

Lock up your daughters – Tallis is about!!!

Tallis Steelyard

Another nicely squared block of stone in the wall

I confess that I hold all skilled trades and crafts in high regard. I care not if a man is a farrier, a white smith or a poet, if he is an exemplar of his chosen art, then in my eyes he is the equal of any. Even the clerk who can write down his columns of numbers in a fair hand and then make them dance for his pleasure is somebody whom I am happy to consider my equal. Each in his own way has grasped the essential poetry of his art.

But then over the years I have done many things, worked with many skilled men and learned much. I was a clerk for Miser Mumster and learned the joy of numbers. I have trimmed the feet of orids, I am carpenter enough to be able to replace planks in the barge, and have even worked as a…

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live love laugh

live love laugh

Get well…

The Lonely Author

live love laugh

The results are in.

Basically, parts of my heart are not functioning as they should, forcing the rest of my heart to work harder.

The cardiologist confirmed my primary doctor’s findings, I probably suffered two heartaches in December.

My doctor wants me to undergo a procedure (in April) that should stimulate and revive these slacking walls. THE DOCTOR COULD NOT GUARANTEE this procedure will be successful. He also informed me that out of 1,000 hearts in the conditions that mine is currently in, 1 will not survive the surgery.

He also stated WITHOUT THE PROCEDURE parts of my heart will totally stop functioning within two to three years.

Doc wants me to rest and build up my strength for this procedure, but this time I will not go it alone. My intention is to continue blogging. I will read and approve the 700+ comments that are pending…

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An unfinished story

Another unfinished story…

Have We Had Help?


If you read yesterday’s post, you will know I mentioned where on occasion I never finished a story for various reasons. Here is an example:

Retaking London

Adolf Hitler’s dream of a united Europe ruled over by Germany finally came true in the guise of the European Union and its stranglehold on the countries under its banner. A massive seed change occurred when two decades after its formation, in no time at all, the EU decreed that the common man cost too much to maintain.

Billions were instantly thrown out of work. Daily, the numbers of people starving to death grew. Wars sprung up across the world, stirred up by the EU to keep its enemies divided.

Meantime it ensured that its own private army threw a military cordon around each of the new city states, formerly the capitals of the countries who had joined the EU, as impregnable walls…

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Mr. Sagittarius:  Announcing My Blog Tour Hosts #Poetry #Prose #Photography

Mr. Sagittarius: Announcing My Blog Tour Hosts #Poetry #Prose #Photography

Another book from miss Marje…

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet

Thrilled to announce my blog tour hosts for my new release which is currently on pre-order on Amazon kindle,

Add a subheading (2)

Mr. Sagittarius

Poetry, and Prose. 


Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do.

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images.

#Poetry #Prose #Photography #NaturalWorld #Trees #Magic #Spirit #Animals #CircleofLife #Humour #Halloween #Cats #Buddha

All proceeds for the first month’s sales will be donated to the Australian Bush Fire charity. So please do buy a copy, and share this post widely.

Link to Amazon UK:

My blog tour hosts are these lovely peeps:

  • Samantha Murdoch whose son Alex Marlowe has two photos included in this collection of…

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Remembering a childhood friend and protector

A fond memory from my childhood…

Have We Had Help?


Back in the early nineteen-fifties, I was a small boy living on a mixed arable farm a mile to the west of the town where I live here in Suffolk. My father was the farm foreman. World War II ended three years before I was born, and yet rationing and the Home Guard was still in existence. The brick-clad place I now call home was originally one of the wooden prefabs built at the end of the war, used to house the POW’s here in Beccles while they were working on local farms.

Besides growing wheat, barley, oats and sugar beet, plus several varieties of apples, the farm had a thousand pigs, bred for bacon. Dad had hired a short tempered Belgian former Foreign Legionnaire to look after the latter.

Besides the two local lads who cycled the mile from Beccles each day to work on the farm, there were…

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Warning – This post contains explicit references to sheer insanity!

They’re coming to take me away! Oh yeh – who says?

Have We Had Help?

POOR LADY! ALL SHE NEEDS IS MORE IODINE! Looks kind of scarey at first glance, then I noticed her neck. She has a goiter as well-- I saw this quite a bit in Mexico and witnessed several thyroidectomies. Very sad because it is so easy to correct.

As long as I live one thing will always puzzle and perplex me – the gullibility of my fellow human beings. We blindly follow doctrinal notions like mindless sheep, never daring to question one specific notion still deeply ingrained from a time long past (any form of religion), or more so these days, the latest to be promoted heavily by the pseudo-scientific community.

It has oft been quoted that religion is the opiate of the masses. How true has that statement become over the thousands of years since we first gazed up at the sky, convinced that all powerful gods controlled us and our world?

Personally, I saw through the sheer hypocrisy of the high church Anglicanism I was born into by the time I turned seven. The private school I attended in 1950’s England had compulsory religious studies as the predominant subject of its curriculum. To get top marks…

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Indie Review: “Something Wicker This Way Comes” by Colin Garrow

A review

San Giacomo's Corner

Check all your previous Sherlock Holmes assumptions at the door –  or book cover, in this case. The story within these pages does not simply consist of “fanfic” new cases added to the canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Rather, Indie Author Colin Garrow has re-invented the characters and taken them in a new direction. Imagine if you will, Sherlock and Dr. Watson solving cases in an alternate steampunk universe.


Something Wicker This Way Comes” is the first in a series dubbed “The Watson Letters,” since it is written as a bulk of correspondence between Watson and Holmes. In it we find Dr. Watson as the intrepid gumshoe and Sherlock adding in his bit with rare appearances, and sometimes creating havoc by picking fights over minutiae. I cannot discuss the specific subjects of the letters without dropping spoilers, but I will mention what I can.

There are numerous…

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