Seeing is not necessarily believing…

An unforgettable moment…

Have We Had Help?


First written by me on the 14th September 1996

To this day, I still don’t know what we saw all those years ago. I am absolutely positive it was neither man-made. Nor was it by any stretch of the imagination a natural phenomena. Maybe you can tell me what eight normal rational human beings saw that night.

It was back in Hamilton, New Zealand around the end of the summer of 1978. Together with a group of friends, I spent an extremely pleasant evening observing the heavens using the eight-inch Celestron reflecting telescope I had at the time. After about four hours observation we decided to spend some time laying back and seeing how many shooting stars and satellites we could spot for an hour or so.

The night was one out of the box. As anyone who is interested in astronomy will tell you, there are only a…

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