The Usual, Plus More

By all accounts a lovely holiday…


It wasn’t that I hated all technology. Rather, I hated the overdependence on technology. Technological failure caused the most dramatic moment of my two-week vacation.

Elation from my granddaughter’s college graduation from medical school the night before still hung in the cold Northern Iowa morning air.

It was 6:30 AM, on the morning of May 12th, in the restaurant parking lot. Strange messages scrolled across my vehicle’s instrument panel. “Traction control failure. Anti-lock brake failure, Hill-holder assist fail. Power steering failure. Fuel system failure.” A feeling of impending doom fell over the group of potential vacationers.

Technology came to the rescue. An automobile dealership, that serviced my brand of vehicle, was a short distance away. We limped the three miles at the breakneck speed of thirty miles per hour.

How many automobile service departments were opened on Saturdays? The service manager listened to my desperate pleas. How was I going…

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