Being Naomi Campbell

Another welcome letter from Greece…

Letters from Athens

As we slowly emerge into the world, blinking behind our masks and washing our hands every 17 1/2 minutes, one aspect of life remains, and looks likely to remain, problematic: air travel.
Fantastic, I hear some of you say—it’s a chance to reduce people’s carbon footprints immeasurably and, as such, it can only be a good thing. Undoubtedly, but there still remains the small matter of needing to visit farflung family, wanting to see a little more of the world before we croak, and, dare I say it, having the occasional “vacation”. However, the dangers of recycled air, germs clinging nefariously to every surface, and the impossibility of observing the 2-meter distancing rule makes every flight an obstacle course.

But fear not, Naomi Campbell has already shown us the way. For those of you who’ve been on Mars or somewhere, Naomi Campbell is A Supermodel. A Germophobic Supermodel. She was…

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How many of these characters do you know?

I love this scifi story!!!

Have We Had Help?


Slarty Bardfast


Ford Prefect


Zaphod Beeblebrox


and Arthur Dent

None? Then how about the brilliant author who dreamt them up?

douglas adams inspired "Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" H2G2

Douglas Adams (11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001)

Still unsure? Then maybe Marvin the paranoid android might jog your mind?

…or perhaps Arthur talking to whats on the menu?

I read Douglas’ brilliant tale The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a few years before it was serialised on UK television back in 1981.

My mate Derek Haines has been called a Douglas Adams wannabe by a couple of trolls because of his equally brilliant Glothic Tales. But their comments backfired on them. Instead of being a put down, what they delivered was a compliment, by comparing Derek’s hilarious books with one by Douglas?

Kilian aka Sandra  Dickinson

PS – I watched the entire story again a few days ago. Loved seeing it all these years later.


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 A very occasional poet.

Lock up your daughters, Tallis is afoot!!!

Tallis Steelyard

A very occasional poet

I have known Stanlan Needleborne for virtually all of my life. He was the tough kid on the street, the rough boy we were all a bit nervous of. Looking back I cannot imagine why, I don’t remember him ever being anything but a friend to the rest of us street children. As we grew up he went for a soldier.

Obviously with his background he didn’t follow the easy route. At fifteen he tagged along to one of the impromptu and largely expendable infantry companies. Against the odds he survived. Next year he went back into Partann again. By the time he was twenty he was an accepted captain of crossbowmen, and was hired as such by the great condottieri captains to command some portion of their infantry.
Obviously at this point he had to learn to ride and acquire a horse, because even infantry captains have to keep…

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A reclusive life

I’m getting old…

Have We Had Help?


Whether we live in a loving family environment, or lead a solitary existance is all down to circumstance. In my own case these days I exist hidden away from society and the world, behind securely locked front and back doors. Why? Because like countless others across the planet, life has dealt me more than one cruel blow during my lifetime.

When I was nineteen I was deliriously happy, married for a brief eighteen months to a beautiful Montagnard girl named Mai, who I met in a bar in Saigon. When we wed in a magical Buddhist ceremony, Mai was seventeen and I was eighteen. We later had a sweet baby boy – John. Without going into gruesome details, suffice it to say that because of a cruel act of war, both Mai and John were killed by friendly fire, while I was on patrol up country. John was just four…

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An Interview With … Marjorie Mallon

Read all about our Marje

Books and Wine Gums

Today I’m joined by the very creative Marjorie Mallon to talk about her writing, her photography, and where all the ideas come from.

Hi Marjorie – first off then, tell us a bit about the thinking behind Mr Sagittarius. What’s it about?

Mr. Sagittarius is a collection of poetry, prose and photographic images inspired by mindfulness and the magic of the natural world. It’s a light-hearted, magical story about two fictional characters, twin brothers Harold and William, their sister Annette and the sibling’s connection to the beautiful botanical gardens in Cambridge. It celebrates many aspects of day-to-day life including: humour, sibling relationships, beauty, nature, the seasons of the year, love and ultimately magic.

I love spending time in nature taking photos – my favourite photos in this collection are the robin, the trees, flowers and the dragonfly that grace this little book. Photography is in my genes –…

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Despite everything…

Writing is my life…

Have We Had Help?


Once you are truly bitten by the writing bug you just can’t quit. I know, I’ve tried on more than one occasion over the past twenty years. With most things I have done during my lifetime, it didn’t matter what it was; sooner or later I would eventually grow bored and have to change direction yet again.

Therefore at various stages over the years I have thoroughly embraced the following, sometimes singly – often collectively. For instance I love chess, wood carving, carpentry, painting and astronomy. Occasionally I used to try to play the chromatic harmonica. But unfortunately, Larry Adler I very definitely was not. 

As well as the above I have been known to delve into boat building, sailing, hiking, cross-country running, cycling, sculpture, photography, hunting, caving and climbing. Even though I say it myself, I did manage to become accomplished at one or two of my activities. Boat…

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Important Information for Indie Authors

Important Information for Indie Authors

You wouldn’t believe me the other day. Believe Stevie!!!

Stevie Turner

I missed this post back in 2016 by Jack Eason (Have We Had Help?),  but Jack re-published it again, and I’m glad I had a chance to read it.  I definitely agree with Jack’s theory that the ‘Zon ceased to promote Indie books back in September 2016. 

I read Jack’s post with interest and looked back at my monthly figures for August 2016.  I had sold 179 books in August 2016, but sure enough in September and for the rest of that year the amount of books sold started to fall away.  I calculated the average monthly book sales figure for 2016, which was 82.  In 2017 it dropped to 53, then for 2018 the figure was 32.  Last year the average sales per month was 29, and so far this year it is 15.

So Jack is right.  Something happened in September 2016 for sure that affected (and…

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pension(be worthwhile) with some circumstances

Well done grandpa 😉


Greetings from somehow deep in my retirement chair, I just wanna say; I’m getting used to it! Actually, these all days which have been passing by, I was a little confused on how to arrange all my time as a retired man but it seems that I get the thread in the hole. 😉

Let’s first update my situation; I could get my screws in my gums with no problems and got alive out of doctor’s office! Now I have to get some cover on these screws to be able to chew, but let it be this theme. (I don’t want to show any pics thereabout!) 😏😅🤣🤣

Anyway, my lovely daughter in law with some great help (not just a little as you will see) from my son (her desired man) was born a little sweet beautiful (what else😉) boy named Ilias.


Although, these times were a hard…

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Want to take part in an experiment?

Just follow the simple instructions…

Have We Had Help?


My passion has always been the written word, ever since I read my first book out loud to my parents as a four year old.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some good friends back in New Zealand in 2003, I had a roof over my head for a short while. In that time, I wrote a couple of science fiction novels – Turning Point and Onet’s Tale, plus a mixed bag of short stories.

The reason why we become Indie writers is because nobody in the establishment publishing world wants to know novelists other than their own stable, unless you find a small press editor to take you on as was the case for me back in 2010. Even though I thought I’d cracked it, we soon parted ways. Being dictated to by a total twat was not why I signed a contract with him. So it was…

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To Richard,  Who Lived His Life With Open Arms

In memorium…



Over many years I had a friend who was wonderfully exuberant when discussing his next enterprise, and whose eccentric sense of the normal chimed so often with my own.

I met him through one of those “ Opportunities” which are actually the doorway to chaos:  forming a franchise business  offering website construction  for the non-technical which was spectacularly unsuccessful, largely because we had no idea what we were doing. Despite that  we managed to  form a deep and continuing  friendship: laughing at our lives which we were both failing to manage. 

He was protected by a private income while I was not, but we both agreed that facing  life with defiance and a decent beer was a workable strategy. He had that quality of courage and celebration which brings a sense of the party to every day. Armed with style, a well-ironed shirt and a decent pint he touched…

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