Open Book Blog Hop – 22nd June

And now for something from young Stevie…

Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s blog hop.  Today the topic is:

What are your favourite kind of characters to create and to read?

The characters I create and the characters I like to read about are very similar (unsurprisingly!).  I read and write about people who have down-to-earth names, do down-to-earth things, and live in the same world as I do.  Plots have to be realistic for my characters, who are ordinary people just like anyone else.  Sometimes life throws them lemons and they have to try and make lemonade.

I’m most interested in what makes people act the way they do.  I prefer to read psychological thrillers, and to write about dysfunctional family relationships.  Perhaps I should have studied psychiatry, as I’m fascinated by how people’s childhood experiences affect the adults they become.  When we’re young and we become parents, we don’t realise the burden of responsibility lying on our…

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