An Update

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My nemesis? Could be…

The way my latest WIP is heading, When its published, it wouldn’t surprised me in the least if an irate reader takes out a contract to have me silenced/rubbed out. Among the many inhuman traits some are guilty of, people smuggling, corruption in politics and the condoning of paedophelia in the church are just three subjects I’ve used in the story so far. In short – in mine and most writer’s books, when it comes to fiction there is no subject that may not be used.

If the chapter I’m currently engaged in doesn’t ruffle feathers with the religious among you, I will have failed. If this book doesn’t shake the average reader out of their complacency about certain of their fellow human beings, then I’ve failed. I’ve never used what’s going on in the world except to alude to certain subjects in the past. Not this time…

More later – if I’m still alive that is…


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