Infuriating or what?

Which of these do you hate the most!

Have We Had Help?


If there is one company that really annoys me its Microsoft! All I wanted to do yesterday was to find and install an update for Windows Media Player. Would Microsoft oblige? Would they hell as like! To be able to do it they required that I use my Microsoft account. Thereby hangs a tale I’ve mentioned before if you have been following my blog.

Months ago I decided to update MS Office to its newest version. I bought and downloaded it via my Amazon account. But would Microsoft let me use it? They told me that I required an account with them. Slightly annoyed I complied by creating one with them. Diligently following their instructions after some time I had one, which they acknowledged, by telling me that it was live.

Great – now to liven up my new version of Office. Didn’t happen. Why? Because every time I got…

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Cogito Ergo Sum

Sobering words from Stefi. Thanks bella – mwah xx


I was wrong. Unfortunately. In a previous post, in a moment, I can’t say, either of mental weakness or optimistic trust in human nature, I boldly stated that the experience of disasters, like Covid-19 outbreak, might boost social changes, as communities naturally come together in order to help one another. In short, the worse the situation is, the better people become. Of course, somebody commented that it was more likely to be exactly the other way round, namely, people would have much more easily given way to their evil instincts, like in Saramago’s “On Blindness”, in such circumstances, but nobody even remotely imagined that Covid-19 disaster would have actually turned people neither better nor worse, but rather, more stupid, and without even being infected.

Jonathan Swift had always been convinced that human reason was overrated, parlicularly by those among his contemporaries who boasted to be living in the age of …

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I knew I’d use this in a story one day!

This is the basis for chapter four of my current W.I.P.

Have We Had Help?

What Now?


Because of the hubbub in the stadium no one saw or heard the thumb of an insignificant elderly man’s left hand snap against his left forefinger, before sweeping both of his hands in front of him in an imperceptible way, close to his body. But, everyone there that day experienced the carnage that transpired.

As far as he was concerned the time to rid the nation of everyone who didn’t deserve to live had arrived! He sat at the back of the crowd in the stadium listening to Miserere mei, Deus (Agnus Dei) on his headphones, oblivious to the chaotic scene unfolding before him. Whenever circumstances appeared to be getting beyond his control, Allegri’s beautiful choral work always restored his inner peace. With his right hand he once more waved it from left to right in an almost dismissive gesture. Instantly peace returned to the stadium. Apart…

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The Listener

Haven’t read anything from Sue for a while…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (5)

Shadows curl around her like smoke. They are close tonight. She bats their presence away…as if they are flies that distract her from the task in hand. She cannot settle, cannot concentrate. Can’t think for their insistence. She leans back in the chair, stretching tired limbs. Resting her eyes… just for a moment.

But then they are there. All of them.

The dark screen of her eyelids peopled with presence. There would be no rest. They clamour for her attention. She sighs, beginning the slow process of teasing them apart. Most of them are no more than illusion… fragments of herself, shards of the shattered lens through which she sees the world. Memories… those she can dismiss, banishing them to the outer realms of consciousness; some with tenderness and an aching loss. Some no more than a replaying of the day, drawing from it the lessons learned. They can wait.

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Dhoby VC – a short story

I found another of my short stories…

Have We Had Help?


So many returned service men and women suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, often unable to cope with society because of it. This short story is not only a tribute to every Victoria Cross winner, but to all returned service men and women. In particular my fellow PTSD sufferers…


I walked into the autopsy room at the beginning of the day to find a body awaiting my undivided attention which had been found in the woods on the hill beyond the village where I grew up. I was equally shocked and saddened to discover that the corpse on the slab was my childhood friend Dhobi.

Back then most of the kids in our village were merciless towards him, throwing stones and shouting obscenities. None of them knew the simple gentle man hidden beneath the grime the way I did. I was the only kid who didn’t pick on him. To…

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A Protestant virus and dancing cat food tins.

More from young Jim…

Jim Webster


As somebody commented to me recently, Corvid 19 is a very Protestant virus. It’s perfectly safe to work but under no circumstances are you allowed to enjoy yourself. As another person said, “You know what, it’s been a pretty crap summer so far.”

To be fair, he was thinking in agricultural terms.

First the year started sodding wet. Then it dried out nicely. So nicely we had a drought and grass started burning off. Since then it’s been colder than charity and we’ve struggled to have three fine days in a row. Everything, but everything, has been harder work than it really needed to be.
The industry has coped, but then we’re used to coping with bluidy minded weather, mindless regulation, and politicians working from bizarre scientific advice. So the auction marts are open and various organisations are offering webinars and zoom meetings to teach us about the latest developments…

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Progress Report


Just been through the third chapter of my latest WIP – The Power of The Mind.

Here is the opening paragraph of Bits and Pieces :-

Several months passed by. He sighed with relief as he scoured the internet for the final time looking for any sign of what he’d done being commented upon. Despite the highly public nature of each phase of the operation, there was no reaction whatsoever. It appeared he had got away with it! However, whispered conversations were gathering momentum! Why were just human traffickers inflatable boats destroyed? Why were no people injured considering the fact that they were in such close proximity to the boats in question? Was it an act of god? The easily led among us certainly believed so. At the back of his mind the thought that his luck must end sooner or later?

Got a lot of thinking to do concerning chapter four.

More later,


Announcing the Launch of HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack

A little something from Craig…

Fiction Favorites

Hey everyone. I’m so glad to be able to participate in the launch of Craig Boyack’s new book. One of the reasons I’m glad is Lisa Buton, Craig’s spokesperson is here in person.  So not to waste a moment here is Lisa.

Hi, John. We’ve got to stop meeting up like this, or people are going to talk. Anyhoo, I’m here to talk about Craig’s new book and offer some great deals along the way.

The new one is called HMS Lanternfish, and it’s the second book in the series. James and his pirate crew are back, and this time they’re diving into the war effort.

In Voyage of the Lanternfish, they dealt with a lot of hardships. They were short on food and water, munitions, guns, and everything else. This time, they have to deal with too much. The hold of a ship will only contain so much…

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If It ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

You think Win10 is bad! Remember Win8?

Have We Had Help?


Picture 1                                                                            Picture 2

Why is it that folk feel the need to change/upgrade technology that works, and works well? Microsoft produced their next OS (Windows 8)  to supersede their highly user friendly Windows 7. Don’t get me wrong here folks, I love technology. But, when a major corporation like Microsoft decides to change something like a computer operating system for no other reason than its time for a change, as an end user I have to remind them that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

A couple of days ago here on my new Win 8 driven laptop, because of the OS’s extreme sensitivity to touch from my finger on the touch-pad, the front page of this blog shrank (see picture 1). For the life of me I had no idea how to get the page back to normal size, here at my end. I asked a few…

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The Perfect Partner

More from Peter 😉


It is said that when we seek a life-partner we look for what we want or desire but later, and often after the point of no return, we realise that what we have been drawn to is the familiar wrapped in a beguiling costume. Are we always attracted to the same situation in different guises, and the same mistakes in different garb, until we find a way of confronting them or merely run out of life-battery during the attempt to do so?

When I first met her, Vanessa seemed like a party girl to me and possibly to her I seemed a kindly influence in an indifferent world. Much too late, some might say, we discovered we were strangers: who became politely intolerable to each other over the ensuing years.

That’s where manners come in: confronted by an uncomfortable truth, you offer it a cup of tea and ask it…

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