Warning – This post contains explicit references to sheer insanity!

POOR LADY! ALL SHE NEEDS IS MORE IODINE! Looks kind of scarey at first glance, then I noticed her neck. She has a goiter as well-- I saw this quite a bit in Mexico and witnessed several thyroidectomies. Very sad because it is so easy to correct.

As long as I live one thing will always puzzle and perplex me – the gullibility of my fellow human beings. We blindly follow doctrinal notions like mindless sheep, never daring to question one specific notion still deeply ingrained from a time long past (any form of religion), or more so these days, the latest to be promoted heavily by the pseudo-scientific community.

It has oft been quoted that religion is the opiate of the masses. How true has that statement become over the thousands of years since we first gazed up at the sky, convinced that all powerful gods controlled us and our world?

Personally, I saw through the sheer hypocrisy of the high church Anglicanism I was born into by the time I turned seven. The private school I attended in 1950’s England had compulsory religious studies as the predominant subject of its curriculum. To get top marks in it back then was far more important than how you did in all of the other badly taught subjects. Saying our daily prayers was compulsory along with corporal punishment for those like me who committed the slightest misdemeanor, such as just sitting there in silence as I often did, while the rest loudly recited their prayers.

Almost two thousand years ago when the first Roman Empire finally crashed and burned, those who deemed themselves to be the leaders of roman society at the time, desperately needed to remain in control of their former empire, its masses and its wealth. And so those same patrician former senators became the ruling elite of the new second Roman Empire, which still exists to this day, in its guise as the Roman Catholic Church. They took on the various responsibilities of pope (emperor) and cardinal (senator) after Constantine adopted the new eastern religion shortly before his death to clear his conscience for all the barbaric acts he was responsible for in the eastern empire.

What better way to continue to control the masses and carry on accumulating wealth than to place fear in the minds of the masses, this time with the notion of heaven and hell while also tithing them; heaven for those who behaved themselves, towing the line, paying the tithe and working themselves into an early grave for their masters, and hell for those who did not. Surely this was a far better solution than the former practice of putting them to the sword if they objected to the decrees of their masters. Oh no, wait a minute, silly me. They still carried on with that bloody practice, except this time they crossed themselves and sought absolution for their sins from their new style priests!

To make use of the death of a falsely accused Palestinian Jewish carpenter, who died horribly when he was crucified for wanting freedom for his people from roman oppression to further their nefarious politico/religious ends, apart from being two-faced, was pure genius. What better way to continue to divide and conquer than by promoting their new religion. Bow down and pray to a dead man as if he was somehow a new form of roman deity, thereby continuing their age old former pagan belief system – brilliant!

Down the millennia our ancestors have blindly followed without question everything religion in its many forms has proclaimed. Sadly this is the norm for the masses of the world that still cling desperately to the concept of any form of religion today, unable to stand on their own two legs and accept what life brings.

Before you proclaim me the spawn of Satan, just ask yourself this question; how many wars have been fought purely for religious reasons over the centuries, and who died in them? People like you and me that’s who. Our so-called leaders, secular or religious, hardly ever did or do even to this day. It is always the nation’s youth who get sent to the battlefront. In their fiendish minds it is far better for thousands of ordinary people like us to perish, be we Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu – feel free to insert your own religion here.

For a while in the twentieth century, a new political religion appeared when the Russian Bolsheviks adopted and twisted the philosophical writings of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels to suit their own ends, into yet another way of controlling the masses. Fortunately it didn’t last long thank goodness.


These days the western world, with one or two major exceptions, has a new religion. It is called environmentalism.

The twenty-first century environmental version of religious zealots are currently engaged in playing on our naiveté yet again by telling us that the latest global warming phenomena is all our fault, based on extremely dubious scientific evidence. They conveniently ignore the fact that our planet naturally cycles itself constantly between periods of warmth and cold, dependent on its varied perturbations around our star – the sun. The acolytes of this new religion are using their weak arguments to make us feel guilty and cough up money (Carbon Offsetting) – yet another brilliant con.

Its funny how those same environmentalists have completely ignored or forgotten what happened to New Zealand when a large hole appeared in the Ozone layer at the bottom of the world. Thanks to the hole, thousands of Kiwis like myself are suffering from various skin cancers, but do the environmentalists care? Do the politicians? No, because skin cancer is non taxable unlike Carbon emissions.

Unless or until we humans blindly stop following doctrines, be they religious, political or pseudo-scientific, we will continue along the same mindless path we have always trodden like sheep since Adam purportedly appeared in the Garden of Eden. Come to think of it has anyone definitively located the mythical garden and its tree of knowledge yet? We humans could sure use some right now along with a large helping of plain unvarnished common sense.

Review: A COTSWOLD ORDEAL by Rebecca Tope

Review: A COTSWOLD ORDEAL by Rebecca Tope

A review from Michael


Published by Allison and Busby; ISBN: 9780749082680 paperback, price £7.99

No, I didn’t get this free – I bought it!

I have to start with a personal disclosure – I have know Rebecca for many years, and she’s a good friend. But then again, any author who reviews books will very likely know the author he/she is reviewing, and will more than likely be moderately fond of the person. It is the nature of writing that we all tend to like other authors.

Okay, so now that is out of the way, who is this author?

Rebecca has made a career out of pleasant, cosy crimes. She has had a mixed career, which has included work in a mortuary, in vets’ practices, as a house-sitter, and other assorted roles. She is a fascinating woman, with a very (as you can tell) broad range of interests, including, now, running her own…

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Should Science Fiction be believable?

About my favourite genre – science fiction.

Have We Had Help?


Damn right! But not according to the movie and television industries.

With two exceptions – 2001 and 2010 A Space Odyssey – every other science fiction film or television series that has come out of America simply defies credulity. The fact that the films in question didn’t become just another pair of highly fanciful and therefore totally nonsensicle entertainments, is all down to Stanley Kubrick’s deep respect for Arthur C. Clark. After all, Arthur wrote the book on which the films are based, as well as co-writing the scripts with Stanley.

Like Arthur, I am a traditionalist. By that I mean that as a science fiction writer, every story I write has to be based in reality. Blame my father for introducing me to him and two other top science fiction writers of the twentieth century, Isaac Asimov and John Wyndham, at a young age. All three authors took great…

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Deportment for the soul

Something from our Sue…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image by ADiamondFellFromTheSkyImage by ADiamondFellFromTheSky

He passed me the disc, about the size of a small dinner plate and quite heavy. My hands were full of things needing to go through to the kitchen. There was only one thing for it, I placed the disc on my head and walked through that way, thinking how the lessons learned when we are younger than we are today still have value and inordinately pleased with myself that I could still do it without effort..

My mother used to tell me about good posture when I was small and it was fun trying to walk around with piles of books balanced on my head. We had to do the same at dance class. We had it in school and in the gym too back then. For my mother, it was about deportment; the way a lady carries the body. For my teachers, the idea was…

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The Twelfth Chapter


Have We Had Help?



Chapter Twelve

On to Kamyana Mohyla

Nick and David’s safety was placed under the expert leadership of Nicolai’s trusted lieutenant Kolya Detrenko, a man who’s wiry build and hard lined inscrutable face left no doubt as to his toughness and his cold, no nonsense doggedness, to carry out his boss’s orders to the letter.

Kolya’s manner gave the impression that like his boss, he was not a man to be trifled with within Nicolai’s organization. He had been charged with guarding both Nick and David with his life, and if need be, that was exactly what he would do. He deputized the giant named Victor, who had delivered them to Nicolai’s armed apartment, to act as personal bodyguard to his boss’s future nephew-in-law, to reassure the tearful Katya who wanted her lover kept safe until he could be returned to her loving arms. She took Victor to one side…

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5 year anniversary

5 year anniversary

Drew’s Anniversary…

The Lonely Author

5 year anniversary

So, who misses their 5 year anniversary? This lonely boob, of course.

I am so caught up on my daily exercise, diet routine, and recovery, I completely missed my anniversary this past Monday (Sept 21st).

My blog has evolved over the years, from novel writing and humor to love, poetry, and sharing my fascination of women.

Will this blog keep evolving? Why are you asking me? How should I know?

Expect more poetry, beaches, and love for women. Hey, that is what I do! I am a leaf gliding on the wind, unsure where I am heading………

Perhaps, it will lead me straight to you.

Smooches people.

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I’ve been working on this for days…

Another one I wrote a while back…

Have We Had Help?


I came up with this short fiction as my Christmas present to you all, while taking a much needed break from my endless researching of the Merovingians. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it for you…


The Discombobulation Effect

The entire town was gathered in the square forced to attend on pain of death by Raymond VI – the Count of Toulouse, in his capacity as the leader of the Albegensian Crusade, appointed to the task by Pope Innocent III.

At the square’s centre stood three stone pillars, set in a triangular formation. Around them a wooden stage had been constructed by the Count’s mercenaries, with faggots of oil soaked wood stacked beneath it.

The crowd parted when Raymond and his entourage arrived on horseback accompanying a small carriage bearing the Papal insignia. Adalberto, an elderly monk had been sent by the Pope…

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Here is another one of mine

Read this book yet? Why not???

Have We Had Help?


For hundreds of years history books went unchallenged and all religious beliefs were considered to be inviolable, never to be questioned, until the era of the Teleportation Gate. Consider what would occur if the origins of mankind, together with many of the preconceptions we hold dear concerning religion, were proven to be false. How would you react? At the end of the twenty-first century, time travel became a reality. Humanity was about to get an unwelcome wakeup call. Nothing is every straight forward…


Cataclysm has yet to become the target of Amazons Trolls. Here are all seven of its reviews so far:

It’s hard to put a “genre” on “Cataclysm” and that’s just what I like in “modern literature”. Although the novel is short, Jack…

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The Dairy Farm in the year 2050

Jim’s finest todate…

Jim Webster

Yes, Prime Minister, if you’ll just walk this way please. I’m glad to see that your advisers made sure they bought you a pair of wellingtons especially for this trip. Oh? Wellington has been airbrushed from history because of his links with Slavery? Or Ireland? Whatever, just put them on.

The purpose of taking you round this comparatively ordinary dairy farm is to let you see what really happens here on a modern farm in 2050. Obviously as you’ve come up through the Environmental Movement you’ll know the theory. Oh, it’s just, ‘The Movement’ now. Sorry, we are a little out of touch here. But anyway your advisers thought it would be useful for you to know what really happens lest you do something to screw the system by accident. After all we don’t want more people going hungry.

When you look around you’ll see we’re quite a large dairy…

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