The Twelfth Chapter


Have We Had Help?



Chapter Twelve

On to Kamyana Mohyla

Nick and David’s safety was placed under the expert leadership of Nicolai’s trusted lieutenant Kolya Detrenko, a man who’s wiry build and hard lined inscrutable face left no doubt as to his toughness and his cold, no nonsense doggedness, to carry out his boss’s orders to the letter.

Kolya’s manner gave the impression that like his boss, he was not a man to be trifled with within Nicolai’s organization. He had been charged with guarding both Nick and David with his life, and if need be, that was exactly what he would do. He deputized the giant named Victor, who had delivered them to Nicolai’s armed apartment, to act as personal bodyguard to his boss’s future nephew-in-law, to reassure the tearful Katya who wanted her lover kept safe until he could be returned to her loving arms. She took Victor to one side…

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