Review: A COTSWOLD ORDEAL by Rebecca Tope

A review from Michael


Published by Allison and Busby; ISBN: 9780749082680 paperback, price £7.99

No, I didn’t get this free – I bought it!

I have to start with a personal disclosure – I have know Rebecca for many years, and she’s a good friend. But then again, any author who reviews books will very likely know the author he/she is reviewing, and will more than likely be moderately fond of the person. It is the nature of writing that we all tend to like other authors.

Okay, so now that is out of the way, who is this author?

Rebecca has made a career out of pleasant, cosy crimes. She has had a mixed career, which has included work in a mortuary, in vets’ practices, as a house-sitter, and other assorted roles. She is a fascinating woman, with a very (as you can tell) broad range of interests, including, now, running her own…

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