Tell me…

Every writer I know has been asked…

Have We Had Help?


…exactly what is it you do again?

How many times have you been confronted by the above question from a pompous tosspot during your lifetime? I was reading an article posted by Jay Lake on this very subject several years ago in relation to those of us who write.

Whenever you answer by telling the usually totally disinterested questioner that you write, either their eyes glaze over before they move away to annoy someone else, or they start asking you inane questions like, “Will I have read anything you have written?” Or they may even say something completely self-important such as, “Oh yes I’ve wanted to write my life story for positively ages, but I simply can’t find the time!”

I leave you to imagine what my answers would be to the questions. But here’s a hint for the first one – it would be heavily sprinkled with a few…

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