Caravaggio’s Hole

As I’m in research mode right now, here’s something about the subject…

Have We Had Help?


I was put here by the order of the Knights of St John. I curse them for their inept minds. None of them appreciate that I am the master when it comes to painting fine religious works. I was censured for my forward thinking in my approach to painting by no less a person than the Pope. I curse him to for his short-sightedness, his blinkered vision of what makes a great work of art. I am Caravaggio, the finest painter who has ever lived. The others who believe they are my peers are fools and charlatans – I curse them, I have killed men for less…

My enemies await my return to Italy, lying, scheming and plotting my demise – hah! I spit on them, nay I piss on them. None are worthy to be in my presence. I painted my finest work here in Valetta for all to…

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