Sean Connery, one of my loveliest actor and teacher.

RIP Sean. Sleep in peace…


Sir Sean Connery, iconic James Bond actor, dies at 90 - ABC7 Chicago
http://ABC 7 Chicago

As you might already know, Sean Connery has been passed away today and therefore, I have to drop some line for him or better for me, because I loved him, not because he was the only true James Bond, but for he had shown me the true way how one could be an actor, as I wanted once be, to be a wise one.

But, I don’t want to talk about the Bond or even one of his best role in this Movie; the name of the rose in which he had actually played his own life, as a wise Monk, and he did, in his hard-working up life had proved.

Though, I can just fall in in love again with him, when the young aspirant asked him if he ever felt in love in his life; he answered; sure; I love Sokrates, Aristoteles, Platon… oh…

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