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Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! This World is not enough!

It is sometimes strange, to see a black sheep in a crowded white sheep. Or another way around, what so ever; it is so, sometimes you are the other sheep, and you must fight for your rights. I just followed my instinct. I thought I have sacrificed so much grief for the lie of my mother in the case of my father’s death, then I let my feelings explode, let them go their way, I just needed it! Then I was also promised with my abilities to arts, I began with drums as I was lucky to get a birthday present from my cousin; a small compact drum with two small snare-drums on bass-drum and a little drums basin swinging above. I hammered it so perfect that all the people around were amused. Therefore, I decided to make…

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All writers need to use a thesaurus

Increase your vocabulary before you write…

Have We Had Help?


For any writer, no matter whether or not you are new or seasoned, one thing we all have to take into account when writing a book is the use of appropriate words. There is always a danger of a writer opting for a limited vocabulary.

Instead of using certain words simply because your are familiar with them and likely use them whenever conversing in you’re daily life, believe me it’s far better to make use of a Thesaurus. Always be on the lookout for acceptable alternatives.

What do I mean by this? To illustrate my point the following part of a sentence in a book I am currently re-reading by one well-known author, quite literally puts words into the mouth of his chief character, which simply were not in use during the time period the story is set in. “They came swarming downstream, transports filled with palace servants and slaves…

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Meeting A Dream

Another delightful story from Peter…


She was a prisoner like me, wrapped in invisible chains wrought out of bills, greed and indecision: both the writer and victim of her life history, for none of which she accepted any responsibility. She had a beauty which cuts through complacency, and a smile which unlocks the heart of almost any man. I was “almost any man” I found out later as she walked into my life bringing no answers with her.

I knew that when I first met her: I was much the same as her, trapped in a world of my own making marked by shrinking opportunity. She drank a bit and smoked with rare defiance so even though I did not smoke myself I took to carrying a lighter so our eyes could meet over its flame. I think she knew I liked her and I think she knew we were the same, but I had…

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Pay attention!

An appeal that fell on deaf ears!!!

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Right, I’ve finished the rewrite of my fantasy anthology Goblin Tales. The next stage is to format it, first as an e-book, then later in paperback form. But only if there is a demand for it.

Now here’s where you come in.

If and I do mean if I publish it, depends entirely on you my blog followers, all 680 of you.

To that end I have prepared a .pdf version for a minimum of twelve people to read – 160 pages in all. Or if you prefer – 84,768 words. If you would like to be one of the lucky twelve (even if fantasy is not your thing) email me at:

Remember, if twelve of you don’t come forward wanting to read and positively review it, Goblin Tales will not be published; it’s as simple as that!

I would ask you to remember this as well; a five-star…

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Life on the beach

Read all about Jim’s alter ego Tallis Steelyard…

Tallis Steelyard

I have written previously about the Rattlestone Sisters of Philanthropy. But perhaps I ought to delve more deeply into the impact they inadvertently had on Rattlestone. This collection of perfectly sensible and modestly well-to-do ladies effectively recreated Rattlestone. But not necessarily as they would have hoped to.

One of the early impacts was on the local young women and girls of the village. They had a life path laid out for them. They would do what their mothers did, marry a fisherman, keep house, have children, be widowed young, marry again, be widowed in middle age, and then grow old alone. To be fair, it wasn’t a bad option compared to that of the sons of Rattlestone. The Rattlestone graveyard is interesting in that very few named males are interred there. The men of Rattlestone die at sea and their bodies, if found, are washed ashore in a condition where…

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I love women

… there I’ve said it.

Keeley Hawes

Is there anything more bewitching, more beautiful, more maddening than the female of our species? All I’ve ever wanted my entire life is to be loved by a beautiful women. For eighteen months back in the mid sixties I was loved by one such woman. Her name was Mia. She was a beautiful, gentle, Montagnard girl I met and fell in love with during my time in Vietnam. But our happiness was short lived, thanks to the war in that beautiful country. Since then I’ve never had the courage to find another, let alone get close to her.

But, despite that fact, I’ve never stopped loving beautiful women like the English Rose pictured above, even though at almost seventy three I’m now too old to attract such a beauty, to share what remains of my life. The trouble is the only women I seem to attract these days are the ones well past their sell by date…

Saturday Chaos on a Tuesday!

Saturday Chaos on a Tuesday!

More from Adele 😉


I was not well over the weekend. Nothing serious, just a dodgy tummy but it sapped my energy and I spent Saturday and Sunday lying on the couch and watching re-runs of NCIS.

However my mind is never still even if Gibbs is missing in Mexico. (NCIS ref) I have always had a great interest in Cryptozoology and found my thoughts turning once again to the subject of Giants.

My Uncle Tommy, (Rousay) used to tell me a story about two giants one on Rousay the other on the neighbouring island of Wyre. Cubbie Ru the giant on Rousay is a place name on the island where giant boulders were thrown by the other giant from Wyre.

You can see how in childhood tales and story books my interest in Giants took hold. As I grew older I realised that “there is no smoke without fire” and began to look…

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Apathy Rules…

Reader apathy grows as does the number of books to choose from…

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It’s a sad fact but reader apathy is on the rise.

When I posted this, deep down I knew there would be little interest due to the modern day curse – reader apathy.

Only one person wanted to read and review the third and final edition of my fantasy anthology – Goblin Tales. I gave twelve of you the choice to read it prior to publishing for nothing. All I wanted in exchange was a positive review from each of the twelve. While a few of you (13) clicked ‘like’, that was as far as any of you was prepared to go.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. But it’s what most authors expect these days, despite all of our hard work. By not taking up my offer, which would cost you nothing but a bit of your time, you killed a wonderful fantasy anthology, depriving…

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The Rise of Gadreel ~ Excerpt

Pay attention people, Vashti is in the house!!!

The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to see you here. Welcome.

I’m currently doing the final reading of my WIP, The Rise of Gadreel, and I’m reading it (cover to cover) out loud. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this book. It’s been my favorite to write so far, but that doesn’t mean it was an easy process. Because the story is set in the Medieval Period I had to do an enormous amount of research to get the details right. I also had to research the Medieval Roman Catholic Church, the Black Plague, the Little Ice Age, among many other things. Although my books are fantasy fiction I like to ground my stories in reality. Luckily, I enjoy doing the research. I can’t wait to release this book. I truly hope readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I decided to share an excerpt from The Rise…

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Baudelair’s Revenge

Bob’s best novel by far…

Have We Had Help?

Bob Van Laerhoven

The Award Winning Belgian Author Bob Van Laerhoven

Bob’s award winning novel Baudelair’s Revenge has received yet another brilliant five star review.


Ross Macdonald, one of the pioneers of the hard-boiled mystery novel, once posited the theory that the modern detective story flows from Baudelaire, who, it should be noted, translated Poe and felt a deep emotional connection to the man who by most accounts invented detective fiction. Baudelaire’s supposed contribution according to Macdonald was to see the modern city as though it was a model for Dante’s Inferno. It is therefore particularly interesting to have a mystery novel so deeply inhabited by the poet’s ghost as Baudelaire’s Revenge.

Baudelaire is not a character in this book, which takes place in 1870, three years after Baudelaire’s death. But Baudelaire’s spirit haunts the Paris of the novel. It is a Paris during the Franco-Prussian war, a Paris where the rich…

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