What is it that governs what you read? Is it plot, characters, both?

The plot’s the thing!

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For me its a no brainer. I was brought up on strong plot driven books. Consequently I far prefer them to the character driven variety.

Why? Simplicity itself. You can have the most appealing/ intriguing/ baffling characters ever dreamt up. But unless the plot is strong and compelling, your characters are going nowhere.

As far as I’m concerned, plot is everything!

I’m endlessly criticised, usually by the same pair of writers, masquerading as self-styled experts on Amazon, whose own works have yet to sell more than a couple of dozen copies in any given year, over the fact that my books are purely plot driven. In that regard they are perfectly correct – my books are plot driven. Consequently the individuals concerned constantly whine about a lack of emotional depth to my characters. To that I say just this – tough!

If like them your idea of a good book…

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