I love women

… there I’ve said it.

Keeley Hawes

Is there anything more bewitching, more beautiful, more maddening than the female of our species? All I’ve ever wanted my entire life is to be loved by a beautiful women. For eighteen months back in the mid sixties I was loved by one such woman. Her name was Mia. She was a beautiful, gentle, Montagnard girl I met and fell in love with during my time in Vietnam. But our happiness was short lived, thanks to the war in that beautiful country. Since then I’ve never had the courage to find another, let alone get close to her.

But, despite that fact, I’ve never stopped loving beautiful women like the English Rose pictured above, even though at almost seventy three I’m now too old to attract such a beauty, to share what remains of my life. The trouble is the only women I seem to attract these days are the ones well past their sell by date…

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