Publishing Confusion – Part One

Confused about publishing? Read on…

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There are lots of new writers out there each and every day. There is also a heck of a lot of confusion in writing groups. The same questions get asked constantly, people give inaccurate information to each other, few do their own research to find the information they need to publish a book. The main issue is paying for publishing.

Paying for Publishing – Confusion

What is the new writer really asking? What should your reply be if you’re trying to help them. We really need to look deeper than saying things like ‘don’t pay for publishing it’s Vanity Publishing and Publishing is FREE’  If you say publishing is FREE then you obviously don’t value the time it took you to write, to learn the processes of how to publish. Not everyone is good with computers, websites, marketing, graphic design, etc…

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One thought on “Publishing Confusion – Part One

  1. Your time is not free only if you have the ability to use it for something else; then you have to choose how to spend both your time and your money best.

    Beginning writers often don’t make a lot of sales; they may be better learning all the publishing steps than spending their money on help they can’t yet afford. I keep seeing tales of woe from authors who are spending almost as much, more or less, on advertising – as they are recouping in sales. Without a lot more information about each, and the books they’ve written, it isn’t possible to say why, but money spent stays spent.

    Each hopes to break out, but, just as in the days where there were only traditional publishers, a lot of effort goes into the submissions, and most of that is wasted because the publishers only accepted a few percent of the manuscripts submitted. So a lot of these authors have to use their spare time, and have either a sympathetic spouse/patron, or a day job to live on.

    It’s a tough profession.

    My time is free to me – I’m retired, and we have enough to live on. So what I’m investing is my soul, because the writing is important to me, and hard (for physical reasons). If I didn’t get a lot out of it, I would be better off ‘enjoying my retirement.’

    And I’ve enjoyed learning about all the things that go into self-publishing, but I’ll never publish more than a few books. I’m am very far off the beaten path. This is a hoped for legacy.

    Those who need to make a living at it, to support a family real-time, they have tough choices.

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