Meet My Muses Lydia and Lilly

Christines muses 😉

Before Sundown

Author’s Note: Diana at Myths of the Mirror has a new prompt: Meet the Muse. The rules are: Post a Muse conversation on your blog and leave a link to your post in the comment section of Diana’s post: Many thanks, Diana. This was fun.

Lydia looked up over her glasses at Lilly. “What areyoudoing here?”

“I’m allowed.” She peered at the computer screen. “How far did she get?”

“5thgrade level.” Lydia waved a hand in the air. “She used the writing app for readability.”

“Down to grade 5? That’s insulting an agent’s intelligence.It’ll hit the trash bin.”

“Oh, really? What would you do?” Lydia poked loose strands of brown hair into a back bun.

Lilly’s long brunette curls framed her face. “Well, obviously, there’s something missing.”

“What do you mean? The book description is concise and grammatically correct.”


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