My online pet hate

On this the last day of 2020, I’m sitting here cogitating over the gross misuse of my online pet hate – the ‘Like Button’. Just because sites such as Facebook make it available does not mean that we should blindly click it every time something is posted – in particular when we are offered something to read. Using it to like a photograph is one thing.  But I would argue that a post of a literary nature should first be read and then commented on, if and only if you enjoyed reading the content of the post. Then and only then should you click ‘Like’!

Several people I have spoken to on the subject make the excuse that by clicking the ‘Like Button’ for a literary post, they are showing the author of the post their appreciation. WHAT UTTER POPPYCOCK!

Sharing your thoughts as a comment is showing your appreciation!!!

They justify their lazyness by saying that they refrain from commenting because they have nothing to say. Why? If you read it, surely to god you must have an opinion!! Is it any wonder that books are not being reviewed, let alone read these days, except by writers? I think not don’t you?

Perhaps Facebook should also include a ‘Dislike Button’ to give us a second choice? No thank you!

Thank god there are only a few hours before 2021 begins. My best to all of you for the new year…


11 thoughts on “My online pet hate

  1. Jack, I agree, clicking the like button and not reading the post is lazy. A simple nice job, agree with your thoughts, etc., is warranted. Changing people’s behaviors is near impossible. So, I’ll take a like over being ignored and deleted! Happy New Year. 2021, please give us a break! 🥳🎶😷 Christine

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  2. I feel almost guilty pressing the like button, Jack. Wishing you all the best for the New Year. And yes, I would love it if more people comment on my site too. I have noticed a lot of likes but few comments of late. People are busy. What to do. Sigh.

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