Advertising, paid or free – does it work?

I’ve yet to write this next one

How many of you regularly use an advertiser to make your book(s) known? Do you pay for the priviledge, or like me do you make each advertisement yourselves?

Many in our calling firmly believe that without advertising, a book simply won’t sell. This is only partly true. Unless you have a substantial following, no matter how hard you try, your book will not sell! Whether or not you pay for an advert is largely immaterial if readers aren’t waiting to read your latest in their hundreds or hundreds of thousands! I speak from long experience in the world of literature. So, I know what I’m talking about.

There was a time in the recent past when I enjoyed a healthy monthly royalty payment into my bank account. No longer! These days Joe and Jane Average want books for free, in my case ebooks. We who write for the ebook market no longer enjoy regular sales since Amazon et al decided to offer our books in an ‘all you can read for US$11 a month’ deal. A brilliantly simple way for Amazon to make money on the product of our collective sweated brows. Totally eliminating us from the equation financially!

I don’t blame Jeff Bezos for implimenting this strategum. From his point of view it makes good business sense! No, I blame the fickle readers. It’s human nature these days to not only want, but also to expect something for free!!!

Roll on the next World War – Bah Humbug!!!

11 thoughts on “Advertising, paid or free – does it work?

  1. I specifically didn’t include my books in Kindle unlimited, I don’t want to be tied totally to Amazon

    As for advertising, whenever I see anybody advertising a book or claiming they can provide advertising services, I look at a book they’re promoting and look at its Amazon Best Sellers Rank That tells me all I need to know about their competence 🙂

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