Wild Strawberries

…and from Aladin, we have…


I see what you don’t see! Do you know this game? It is not so important if you know this play. What I meant with this sentence is what an artist does see and the others not! In this way, I would describe an artist. I don’t want to put myself in this category because I think I still have some to do to achieve that class. But, as I have grown up in a family of artists and lived a long time with an ingrained one (my brother Al), I can understand them well.

In the novel Zorba the Greek, by Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba asked his writer friend, Basil, “why it happens such brutal and tragic events in our life? You are an intellectual writer, how can you explain it?” Basil answered; We can’t explain why. We only try to reduce the pain by writing thereabout.

An artist…

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