A Delicate Subject


I’m now at the stage in my WIP where love is in the air for Ileni (pictured above on my new WIP’s cover). After all she’s been through, it’s only taken her five million years to find and experience it for herself. I can tell you that both her and the story’s leading character – Peter, are becoming inseparable. In past books of mine I’ve dealt exclusively with the inevitable physical outcome of sexual attraction. Not this time. 

I know from personal experience that to find true love is an extremely precious thing. It only happened once in my lifetime, lasting eighteen months before her untimely death parted us, fifty-five years ago. At my age, sadly I doubt I’ll ever experience it again. So what I have in mind regarding Elini and Peter will be heavily influenced by my own experience back in the middle nineteen-sixties…

It’s a challenge spelling out a love affair, long before sex rears its often ugly head. But I’m up for it. Currently I’m exploring how she reacts towards Peter, and in turn how he feels about her. By and large the males in the story attitudes towards her is highly predictable. Slaves to their animal instincts, all they see is a beautiful young woman and immediately want to have their way with her. There are three exceptions to my generalization, one of them being Peter, the second his friend, the Medii historian – Alfonso. The third is Franco, a life long woman hater. More about how she deals with him later, after I’ve clearly established Ileni and Peter’s relationship in Chapter Ten.

More later…

4 thoughts on “A Delicate Subject

  1. You’re endeavoring a tricky subject for authors, Jack: writing about love without – for now – using the easy path of explicit sex. The fact that you’ve known real love yourself once in your lifetime – not everybody can say that – will give depth and empathy to your writing. I wish you a lot of deep-felt inspiration.

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