I’m Not Playing Your Stupid Games Anymore!!!

Are you being bled dry by money hungry utulity companies?

Have We Had Help?


I’ve spoken of this in the past. Yet it keeps on happening. What am I talking about? Corporate greed and mind games. This morning I received not one but two snail mail letters from my current (no pun intended) energy supplier. The first asked me to do their job for them yet again by sending them a meter reading. The second negated the first by saying they had already got a meter reading and that it would be part of my next estimated bill – note they did say part, not the whole. If thats the case, why ask me to read the meter, which is clearly pointless in the first place?

I’ve obliged in the past on a number of occasions. But sending a reading never once lowered my electricity bill to an acceptable level no matter which energy provider I deal with, and I’ve dealt with a few…

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