You Want a Role Model, Here’s Mary Beard

I have a lot of time for Mary…

The Champagne Epicurean

I am the least woke person you’re ever likely to meet. I find the era of ‘rights’ we live in tiring, jaded and leaning towards the dictatorial. And it’s such a shame because rights are, of course, the fundamentals of 21st century Western civilisation. They are ideas we inherited, in very raw form, from our Greco-Roman heritage, refined during the Enlightenment and enshrined in the 20th century.

            So as in the past religions made civilisations great – think of the Egyptians or the Mayans – so our freedoms make ours great. Our votes for women, equal rights for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, creed and income, are our own great pyramids. And it is because of these Enlightenment values I make the claim that we are living in the greatest period of human history.

Of course, you know there’s a ‘but’ coming. Here it is. But: is…

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