Thank God For That!

At last the two day ‘giveaway’ is over. Unlike previous ones, this one clearly demonstrated the fact to anyone in our industry, the current apathy towards the written word. Not long ago, how many free copies were being taken was a rough indicator of how well a new book was likely being recieved. No longer. The final count is eighteen! So far its recieved just two four star reviews, both singing its praises from individuals who actually bought a copy. If any of the individuals who got themselves a free copy bother to review it positively, if at all, I’m not being cynical when I say – I’ll believe it when I see it! No. It’s a clear sign of the movement away from the written word in recent years. A sad day for mankind!

If you do buy a copy, and more importantly – enjoy it enough to want to review it, I thank you. Without reviews we writers can’t gauge how well a book has been recieved by you, that rare breed these days – the reading public.

PS – one copy was reviewed on yesterday by an American who complained about the spelling. Why? Because I use English spelling, not American. There is always one ignoramus! The last time I was told I didn’t know how to spell was several years ago. In that instance by an American English teacher! I felt sorry for his pupils being taught bastardized English based on a now largely unused West Country dialect, the language of the Pilgrim Fathers in the 16th century!!

Score two own goals America!!!


7 thoughts on “Thank God For That!

  1. British people say “Ah, it’s written in American English.” Americans say “Limeys can’t spell.” Incidentally, my father and grandparents, all from a farm on Dartmoor, spoke that unused West Country dialect and I grew up hearing it, as well as reading the books in dialect by Jan Stewer.

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    • The fact remains its a dialect just like mine here in Suffolk or across the border in Norfolk. It has always been a dialect, something our American cousins fail to acknowledge…


  2. I’ll buy a copy when the coast is clear over here, Jack. We’re having so much work now that the Covid-19 situation in Belgium has worsened spectacularly that reading – or writing for that matter – are neigh (is that dialect?) impossible. But, as the saying goes, I’ll be back! 🙂

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