Beware of Money Grubbers!

Greed or Survival? - Tasmanian Times

In my haste to get my latest novella – The Forgotten People, noticed. I seriously contemplated doing business with one of the many online book promoters that try to sign you up for a fee. Thankfully I came to my senses. While many of them sound plausible, they’re anything but! I began to fill in the ‘sign up’ form of the one I’d chosen. After all whats $15 these days? Nothing, providing they promote the living daylights out of my novella to the right readership. Then I regained my common sense and stopped what I was doing!

In the twenty-six years I’ve been in the writing game, never before have I contemplated paid promotion – not once. So why do it now? Out of sheer desperation is the reason! Too many books fail because of Amazon’s Algorithm, designed to bury a book within a fortnight. Unless it is immediately bought in the thousands, The Forgotten People is destined for Amazon’s equivalent of a literary garbage dump! The algorithm doesn’t give a damn about how much work has gone into writing any given book, it just cycles each one quickly and efficiently away from the public’s gaze! Unfortunately until Amazon relent and actively advertise all e-books, not just those penned by well known authors, but also Independants like myself, the algorithm will contine to commit literary genocide!

Anyone who signs up with these money grubbers needs to realise, the only ones who benefit financially are them, not you! The same applies to paying someone to create a spectacular cover. I did that once only. The book in question – Celeste, never sold enough copies to recoup the £120 I spent on the cover! Don’t get me wrong its a beautiful cover, but…

At least if and when someone buys a copy of my latest , I’m making money. Peanuts I grant you. But it belongs to me and not some fat cat getting rich at my expense!

4 thoughts on “Beware of Money Grubbers!

  1. Jack, thanks for the good advise. I’ve looked at those money grubber websites and thought better of it. You confirmed it. I will go with highly recommended, by blogger friends, cover artists, proofreaders and such. When I’m ready to self-publish. 📚🎶 Christine

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