My Smart-meter and I

Woman At Home Boiling Kettle For Hot Drink With Smart Energy Meter In Foreground

At last I have my Smart-meter. It’s taken three attempts on my behalf to get Scottish and Southern Electric to come to the aid of the party. Why, because according to them it might be several months before they could send someone to install the thing, citing the fact that they had to prioritise what they termed ‘vulnerable’ people. When I demanded to know what they meant by vulnerable they informed me that any elderly person with a medical condition qualifies. Guess what folks – I’m seventy-three and a long term cancer sufferer! I had them over a barrel! Last wednesday my new smart-meter and its slave unit, similar to the one pictured above, (which if the womans’ kettle was actually turned on as claimed in the advert, would not be registering zero),was installed. Score one for the old boy!!!

The next day the meter had a tantrum. It stopped functioning as it should. So I rang the helpline to ask if they could send someone to fix the problem. Despite the fact that the man I spoke to had such a broad Scots accent as to make him almost unintelligible, I managed to deduce that it is common for these latest meters to shut down on the day they were installed. But, once their internal clock tells them its one second past midnight, they automatically hard start themselves. When I woke on Friday morning everything was back to normal. Now I know how much money I’m spending down to the penny. More importantly so do Scottish and Southern Electric. Lets see them try sending me a guestimated electricity bill from now on!!! I almost forgot – they refunded my bank account £30 as an apology for mucking me around for so long!!!

PS – while talking to the installer he told me that the spread of smart-meters is slow, because a significant percentage of the population think that smart-meters are a tool of the authorities, designed to eavesdrop on us. How utterly pathetic is that?

2 thoughts on “My Smart-meter and I

  1. It amuses me when people, who in general have phones with the location service switched on, and who are active on social media, say that. As if “they” don’t know where we are and what we’re up to already. Because we’ve freely told them, they don’t need to spy.

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