Desperate or might Frantic sometimes!

I know how Aladin feels….


Or I might dare…

http://Rena Pollak, LMFT, CGP

You might call it; an inconceivable or an unusual concept, as I try to write something which weighs heavily on my heart.
I am, as I have found out newly, for about eight years in this platform. I have about over 650 followers, I’d say wow, but I don’t!

Let me tell you the purpose of this post: First, it is an old post which I had written once but sent it resting in my drafts section. The reason why was that I found it a little bit raw because, when I wrote it, I felt somehow hurt and maybe too emotional. Therefore, I didn’t share it instantly.

And now, my adorable friend Deborah Gregory had made a point in her comment on one of my posts: “A word of nostalgia” She had interpreted my dream in a very fascinating…

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